Bonnie features tried to call it quits smokin' many times. She is got attended see therapist Josh frequently and attempted many different experiences yet she in fact is nonetheless smoking. Dr Josh suggests replacement therapy… placing another thing inside her own mouth in place of a cigarette noticing that she appears like just the right tart along with the woman sufficient boobs puzzled because of the lady taut top he suggests switching a ciggy with a cock. Bonnie views this so when she indeed is within need of a cigarette gives a determination to "smoke" Dr Josh's huge difficult salami there thereafter until it coughs up the chap fluid and squirts it-all over the woman face and swimming pools it in her own very own eye connect. This appears to transform Bonnie on no end because you will discover out in the fair along with depth BTS at the conclusion. Take a tip from Bonnie… be sure that you don't have "Lumpy" Cum!